What is Ingress
Destroy Green, Make Blue, Make Triangles

Planet earth (yes, the real one) is a battlefield and two factions, namely the Enlightenment and the Resistance, are fighting to take control of so-called portals. These portals are only visible using the Ingress app (or website) and the competing factions are trying to capture them by placing virtual resonators. Portals can usually be found near cultural landmarks such as memorials, churches or touristic spots. To interact with them you actually have to be close to them in person.


Our Mission

As the Resistance we seek to help free the minds of humanity from the influence of the Shapers.  We do this by destroying Green portals and making them blue.  We connect them into triangles to field areas of the world.  

Throughout the year there are events called anomalies in which we compete against the green faction to help the story line go in The Resistance's favor.